Stellar-Contractor-1When people hear the term “general contracting,” they immediately have visions of skyscrapers being built in the middle of a busy metropolitan areas. But you can have your own general contractor work on your home repair, remodeling, or renovation project when you hire Stellar Home Improvement. If we run into a task that we are not experts in, then we bring in professionals to get the job done. That is what good general contractors do.

We may not build skyscrapers in the middle of New York City, but we can get great results for your home and yard. Our crews are trained experts with years of experience who are able to diagnose issues, and come up with solutions. We want to exceed your expectations each time, which is why we work so hard at being the very best in the Staten Island area.


Does your home need new siding? Is it time for a new roof? You could bring in a contractor who will do a respectable job and leave your home looking like every other home in your neighborhood. Your other option is to hire Stellar Home Improvement and benefit from the types of things a general contractor can do. We will help you renovate the interior and exterior of your home, and our ability to bring in experts to take care of every aspect of your project means that we are not limited in any way.


When the roof leaks, you call in a roofing contractor. But what if that contractor notices that pests have frayed the wires in your attic? The contractor will tell you about it, but you are on your own when it comes to getting the problem fixed. With Stellar Home Improvement, we will fix your roof and then give you a price on bringing someone in to fix those frayed wires. We offer comprehensive repair services that will get you professional and complete results.


Stellar-Contractor-2You are tired of the way your front yard looks, and you know how important curb appeal is to the value of your home. We will come in and install a paving stone walkway, or pour you a stamped concrete walkway that will improve your home’s first impression. We can also remodel your bathroom or kitchen to give you the look you have always wanted. As a general contractor, we have the expertise and network of professionals we need to get your job done.

Stellar Home Improvement is a general contractor that is versatile and reliable. When you tell us what type of work you want done, we gather the resources we need to make sure that the results are exactly what you expected. When you need a general contractor who cares about your ideas, then you need to call Stellar Home Improvement.